There's a certain kind of techbro who thinks it's a knock-down argument to say "Well, you haven't built anything". As if the only people whose expertise counts are those close to the machine. I'm reminded (again) of
@timnitGebru 's wise comments on "the hierarchy of knowledge". >>

#Writers of the #Fediverse! Looking for a writing exercise/writing prompt? Join the #ALT4you and #ALT4me mutual aid effort to provide #ALT descriptive text to images in the #fediverse

ALT descriptive text is used by blind and visually impaired people to understand and process photos and images that they otherwise cannot see. So please add ALT to any images you Toot.

Putting an image into words can be a very creative exercise that forces you to look at images more deeply and then convey their content and meaning in words.

Also follow the #ALT4me hashtag. It's used by blind and visually impaired tooters (is that even a word?) to request mutual aid when they encounter an image that does not have ALT.

Respond to #ALT4me by replying with the ALT text.

Here's a great example of #ALT4me in action:

The first toot is a request for ALT and the comments provide them.

Read more about it here:

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