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About Us

The Accessibility Social is an inclusive Mastodon instance for individuals interested in accessibility, assistive technology, and disability related topics.

Application requests that do not include a compelling reason for joining will not be accepted.

If you are an organization or representative of an organization and would like to join our community, please contact community@a11y.social before joining to discuss further.

Accessibility Enhancements

To the extent that it is possible through the Mastodon software, we offer accessibility focused enhancements to the default web user interface. The introduction of enhancements is ongoing. The following list describes the features we have added in response to feedback from the accessibility community.

  • All images that do not have alt text are outlined with a dotted red border
  • All # or @ links are underlined

Our list of enhancements will continue to evolve in the coming months. Check back to see what is new. We will also make announcements from the @community user account.